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"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." - Albert Einstein

Who we are and what we do


The MindTech Institute is a Registered Training Organization RTO No: 41585 to deliver all its qualifications and courses in Australia and abroad. They offer a wide range of training options with focusing on assisting individuals and businesses who wish to gain valuable knowledge and skills to achieve their best potentials leading to greater improvements and many positive and successful pathways and outcomes. The MindTech Institute offers the best cutting edge online and in-class training and workshops which include Advanced Diplomas, NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, Hypnosis Training also Practitioner and Master Practitioner Levels, Life Management Training, Time Management, Advanced Sales, Stress Management, Leadership Training, Costumer Service, Emotional Inelegance Training, Effective Presentations and many other essential courses which are extremely necessary to anyone who desires success and growth.

The Mission

The MindTech Institute is committed to providing the best training and services delivering the latest techniques in their programs for their students, clients and candidates assisting them to achieve the ultimate results in their careers, goals as well as in their lives in general. The MindTech Institute standards are high as they are a selective institute based in Sydney Australia providing successful services nationally and abroad. The MindTech Institute goals are graduating top class students who will become leaders and triumph in their fields. The MindTech Institute’s pride is their successful graduates and clients. The MindTech Institute describes its strength in the cutting edge methods of their training and charismatic institute. The MindTech Institute doesn't settle for anything less than "the best" training & services, and respect to all is their professional signature.


Collaboration is at the heart of every interaction with The MindTech Institute students and clients. Working in partnership to understand their key goals or/and business concerns. The MindTech Institute identifies what you want to achieve and help you to see your personal goals, business or career goals from a new perspective, then offer the right solutions to help you to grow. The MindTech Institute way of working with their students and clients brings flexibility and creativity - qualities that elevate your performance as an individual, employee, business manager and leader. The MindTech Institute main objective is to work with you to develop a clear path to reach realistic goals that are important to you and your business.


Why choose us

Unique training and services

The MindTech Institute aims to help everyday individuals and businesses to improve their skills and work prospects through developing and achieving more rewarding outcomes. We are committed to a world class delivery of professional training, coaching and services. We believe that the success of The MindTech Institute is attributed to our experienced, professional and passionate team of expert trainers and consultants. And also to our uniquely customized training courses developed in conjunction with the latest trends and needs for any person or business who desires success and greater results.

Our expert trainers & professionals

All our experienced, expert trainers & professionals are highly skilled and qualified with psychology, behavioral science and counseling backgrounds. Our Trainers work closely with clients to establish goals and meet objectives. They are world class speakers and coaches which many of them are graduates of The MindTech Institute with high distinction awards and other top universities and institutes in Australia as well as the world.

What make us unique

We focus on discovery learning, rather than conditioning teaching. We spend as much time on developing processes as we do on creating content. We spend a lot of time working on micro behaviors on the unconscious behavioral level that can make or break the student or client goal. We are outcomes focused, rather than input focused. We believe in variety in life, and in our learning events. We ensure all our courses and sessions address a range of effective learning strategies, so that seeing, hearing and building a message works better than using some outdated strategies which never been proven to achieve anything but its nice wishes, barren results and fruitless outcomes.

Customer Service & Support

The MindTech Institute is committed to providing the highest possible standard of services and attention to all students and clients. Our customer service and support team are always happy and keen to assist all. We strive to exceed our students and clients expectations and seek regular feedback to inform and improve our services. The MindTech Institute also provides a world class costumer support to ensure a top quality costumer experience. Therefore, we use the latest technology in our learning management systems and thanks to our professional technical team who are always ensuring the quality of the 24/7 access to the training materials and always making sure the online operation is running as near perfect at all times.


Our online user friendly courses and training programs are designed in the simplest form to create the easiest learning environment which allows any person regarding of his/her/their age or background to be able to take and enjoy any of our courses or training programs effortlessly. You can start/stop study as your time permits, study without leaving home at times that suit you. And as for businesses, your employees can study and enjoy any of our skills or training programs without leaving the office or work site. Our online courses are designed using the latest and cutting edge technology and applications making all the courses and lesson pages responsive to any computer device, tablet and even any smartphone with just a touch of a button. All is needed is just a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and internet connection. What also make us the best is that all our online courses are available in almost any language for the convenience of our students and clients.

Variety of choices

Variety of choices The MindTech Institute offers the most essential courses and training programs which are extremely necessary for any individual or business who strive for success or wants to achieve the results and goals which once were just dreams. All or services as well as all our courses can be delivered online including most of our consulting, coaching and counseling services. The following courses are available in-class as well as the option to study online at your own pace: - BSB60207 Advanced Diploma of Business - SIT60313 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality - BSB61015 - Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB60507 Advanced Diploma of Marketing - NLP Practitioner Training - NLP Master Practitioner Training - Hypnosis Practitioner Training - Hypnosis Master Practitioner Training - Life Management Training - Time Management Training - Advanced Sales Training - The Customer Service Training – Handling Customers - Body Language Training - Effective Presentation Training - Emotional Intelligence EQ Training - Leadership Training - Human Resources HR and Management Training - Stress Management Training - The Costumer Experience Training - The Personal Effectiveness Training. Any other courses which can easily be found on our in-class courses or online courses pages.

Who are we and what do we stand for

The MindTech Institute is a private and selective institute. We open our doors to individuals and business who are serious about their success. We are positive results orientated institute and we value time as it is the most effective element in the development field and life in general. Therefore, we oppose wasting time and time wasters as we oppose anything causes disharmony to our human family. We believe in equality to everyone as we believe that every person deserves his/her fair share of success. Our ethics are ecological and we are very optimistic in the training and services that we offer to provide a better opportunity for a better world and honorable living to everyone. We speak human as a full time language and we don’t clutter our communication with consultant-speak designed to make your issues appear more complex than they really are. We don't try to impress you with a fancy language rather than focusing on the easiest way to communicate effectively. We prefer to keep our language, training, workshop, services and solutions friendly, simple and effective. We believe in simplicity because we are experts in what we do, as Albert Einstein said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Therefore, we have mastered the simple way of training and providing our services and we are constantly seeking more knowledge to improve ourselves so we can serve you better. Our ethics and standards are as always to care about your business as it's ours, respect your time and goals and treat them as ours, we are always committed to top quality training and services, we are flexible, agile and cost-effective, we do more than just deliver a service and fluffy motivational speeches and we are always proud with all our students, graduates, clients and above all our professionals and technical team, instructors and trainers.

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